Speed Queen Top Load Washer -TR3


Brand: Speed Queen
Rating: (4/5 out of 6 ratings)


Built like no other with a warranty to match, Speed Queen top load washers are durably constructed using premium materials for long-lasting, reliable performance and superior wash results. If you want your laundry done right, you want a Speed Queen.


It’s not too much to ask for your washer and dryer to get your clothes clean and leave them undamaged. It’s pretty much the whole point, and what you spend your hard-earned money for them to do. That’s why Speed Queen is so committed to continually striving for the best possible clean.


The full vane agitator rotates with the basket in a series of long and short strokes to create a thorough, gentle wash. This machine is powered by a 1 horsepower motor and inverter drive system moving water efficiently and effectively through the clothes. Just like our front load washer, it is so quiet that when you are standing next to it, you will only know it’s running when you hear the swoosh of the water going back and forth.


Built Better to Last Longer

Speed Queen top load washers are designed, tested and built to deliver 25 years of commercial-grade performance in your home. In fact, the Speed Queen top load washers that you put in your home are the same durable, long-lasting washing machines used in laundromats and other commercial applications, like hotels and military bases. Constructed with metal components where others use plastic and rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance, Speed Queen top load washers are built better to last longer.



The best top load washer on the market also comes with the best warranty. Our industry-best 3, 5 and 7-year warranties cover all parts and in-home labor. That’s right. We stand behind both our product and your purchase.

Lifetime warranty Outer drain tub and the stainless steel wash basket

*For complete warranty information, please review your warranty bond.

American Quality

Speed Queen washers and dryers are built on the same principles that built America. Proudly headquartered in Ripon, Wisconsin, for more than a century with more than 1,600 dedicated employees and more than 2,700 independent dealers across the country, we're committed to American quality.

  • Full Tub Wash & Rinse fills the entire tub with water to achieve maximum cleanliness.
  • Perfect Wash System provides a better clean that's gentle on your clothes.
  • Commercial-Grade Steel Cabinet provides three layers of protection for maximum durability.
  • Solid Mount Suspension System features a full steel base with heavy-duty springs for best-in-class out-of-balance performance, less vibration and longer machine life.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Tub is gentler on your clothes and ensures long-lasting, dependable performance.